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Woodcroft Lane Play Area, Woodcroft, Gloucestershire

Woodcroft Lane Play Area

A small play area with simple play structures including a climbing ramp with rope leading to the top of a wide slide. Shade underneath the slide tower could make a nice den. There are letter A- and B- shaped climbing frames and a sprung rocker. There is a pair of swings.
There is a picnic bench, a seat and magnificent views across the Severn at the end of this quiet dead-end lane.

Ages most suitable for
5 to 12 year olds 5 to 12 year olds
Facilities nearby
Woodcroft Lane
NP16 7PZ
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Exact coordinates
Longitude : -2.657224
Latitude : 51.658537
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Light rain showers and a gentle breeze, High of 11°, Low of 22°

One thought on “Woodcroft Lane Play Area

  1. Often used by older teenagers noisily. Extra features for toddlers and youngsters welcomed, but it is about to be ruined by extra features which will attract older children, allow dogs in and generally ruin it for the youngsters. Shame. Please think again.


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